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Mini Paintball

Mini Paintball 8+yrs has been especially developed to enable younger players from the age of 8 years old to enjoy playing paintball safely and without injury. The markers are spring driven as opposed to air/Co2 in normal paintball. Mini Paintball is a 50 caliber low impact product that shoots color filled round Ammo resulting in a Splat. The Ammo is 100% biodegradable, non toxic, resists stains, and easily washes away with water. The spring loaded guns shoot up to 30m and have marksman accuracy up to 50 17m. Safe, fun, accurate. Mums, Dads and group organisers can relax in the Base Camp with a coffee or beer etc in our Base Camp while their “Warriors” fight it out.

Our staff will stay with your group throughout their session, ensuring players follow all safety rules and guiding them through their exciting game missions. Parents are welcome to join in by taking part if they fancy their chances but be warned you make a really big target! Please note we do not mix groups.

Paintball Splatmaster+8yrs

Paintball Mountain has the best facilities in Spain

  • Base Camp and Security Zone. Cafeteria, showers, toilets, chill out area.

  • Top of the range equipment

  • Circuit of 6 scenarios each with it’s own mission

  • Water Misting zones on all scenarios

  • Uniformed professional  monitors with every group

  • Bottled water provided during play

  • Photos of all groups free of charge. Download here free of charge Facebook

  • Insurance


  • 16.50€    Monday – Friday  100 balls.(minimum 8 players)

  • 22.00€   Weekends – Public Holidays  Unlimited Paintballs for 2 hours of play.(minimum 8 players)

  • 5.00€   Recharges 100 balls